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All ST. PATRICK'S and EASTER Sets on Sale!! 

This week I'm giving away the High Fashion Alphabet Set and Quilt Designs Set 2 with Every Order!

$3.00 Sales Page on all Older Free Sets and Alphabets:
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All Orders will be sent via Email within 48 hours, usually much sooner. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

FREE ALPHABET! Orchid Semi-Exclusive Alphabet A-R and T Available!!  CLICK HERE for more Info! - UPDATED 4/3
FREE ALPHABET! Bakery Alphabet A-C Available!!
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Football Fever - 50% Off
Valentine Love Birds Set 1 - 50% Off
Valentine Love Birds Set 2 - 50% Off
Valentine Borders
- 50% Off

All ST. PATRICK'S and EASTER Sets on Sale!!


3D Barn for Farm Mat 5x7 or 6x10

4th of July Coasters
5x7 Large Box Tissue Holder

5x7 Soda Can Cozy
6x10 Soda/Bottle Cover

Angel Fringe Coasters with Scalloped Placemat -  50% Off  
Alice in Wonderland Set

A Little Behind
A Little Behind 2
Adult Ball Caps (2 sizes)
Adult Slippers
Adult Sun Hats
Animal Appliqué Sets ALL

Animal Face Baby Bibs ALL 
Animal Face Ball Caps ALL 
Animal Face Can Cozies ALL
Animal Face Placemats ALL
Animal Face Purses/Tote Bags ALL
Animal Face Sucker Holders
Animal Visors (3 sizes)
Apple Purse Set
Appliqué Set
Baby (Excusive Artwork) Designs
Baby Animal Mobile
Baby Bibs
Baby Bonnets
Baby Bonnets for 5x7 Hoop
Baby Bonnet FSL

Baby Bottle Covers
Baby Bottle Chap Stick Holder
Baby Candy Bar Wrappers
Baby Designs Appliqué 4x4 or 5x7

Baby Diaper Cake Panels
Baby Duck Slippers

Baby Elephant Slippers
Baby Exclusive Baby Slippers
Baby Fleece Hat
Baby Fleece Slippers
Baby Mittens
Baby Monkey Slippers
Baby Pillows
Baby Shower Cake Panels
Baby Slippers: Cow or Bunny
Baby Sun Hat
Backpack Drawstring Purse
Baking Ginger Sets
Bean Bag Toss Game - Hopscotch
Bean Bag Toss Game - Target
Bear Windsock
Benny Bear Fall
Birdhouse/Bird Windsock
Birthday Bag Toppers
Birthday Decorations 4x4 or 5x7

Birthday Sucker Cards
Blank Cake Panels
Boo Boo Helpers

Bookmarks 4x4 Hoop -  50% Off
Bottle and Soda Cover/Holders ALL
Bottle Covers Men
Bottle Covers Women
Box with Flapped Lid 5x7 and 6x10
Breast Cancer Set
Bunny Baby Bib
Bunny Headbands
Bunny Purse
Bunny Windsock
Cake Panels ALL
Car CD Visor Holder
Candle Stick Decorations
Candle Wraps
Cat Toys
CD Holder 6x10
CD Holder 6x10 Two
CD Holder 5x7
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder Two
Checkbook Holders

Checkerboard Set
Cheerleading Set
Cheerleading Tic Tac Toe Game

Chef Serviette

Chick Baby Bib
Chick Soda Holder 5x7 or 6x10
Chick Tic Tac Toe Game
Chick Windsock
Christmas Designs - 41 Sets
Cardinal Ornament

Donkey Ornament
Guiding Star Ornament

Nutcracker Ornament
Owl Ornament
Shepard Ornament
Snowman Ornament
Stocking Ornament
Tree Ornament

Clothes Pin Plus Holder  
Coffee Cozies
Coffee Cozy "World's Best Dad"
Coffee Cozy "World's Best Mom"

Colored Golden Lace Quilt Designs
Cosmetic Zippered Bags
Crayon/Chalk Roll Up with Chalk Board

Crayon/Candy Cane Scroll Cake Panels

Cuddly Cuties
Cupcake Fingertip Potholders Set One

Cupcake Fingertip Potholders Set Two

Cupcake Fingertip Potholders Set Three

Cupcake Fingertip Potholders Set Four

Cupcake 4 Serviette Bowl

Curling Iron Holder
Curling Iron Holder Two
Cutlery Roll-up
Dad and Son Tool Belts
Dining Sets All
Dog Bandanas
Dog Coats
Dog Tic Tac Toe Games
Dog Toys One
Doggy Doody/Treat Zippered Bags 5x7 and 6x10
Doggy Duty Drawstring Leash Bags
Doggy Obedience/Misc Zippered Bags
Donny the Dog Animal Visor
Donny Dog Towel Toppers with Legs

Door Accessory Hanger

Dot Alphabet
Dotty Dog Kid/Toddler Ball Cap
DOW Stick Girls
Diva's Wear

Dracula Dining Set
Duck Windsock 5x7 or 6x10

Duckie Clock 5x7 Hoop
Dwayne Duckie Towel Topper with Legs
Dynamic Diva's
Easter Sets All

Elephant Baby Bib
Emma Angels - Limited
Embossed Designs Set 1
Embossed Designs Set 2
Eyes Only - 4x4
Eyeglass Cases
Eyeglass Cases TWO
Eyeglass Cases with Flap
Fall Flower Bouquet Alpha
Fall Leaf Coasters
Fall Monogram
Fall Quilt Blocks
Farm Mats One 5x7 or 6x10
Farm Toy Pillows
Father's Day Set
Fathers Sets
Fingertip Pot Holders
Flamingo Zippered Purse with Zippered Coin Purse
Flash Drive Holder
Fleur de lis Cell Phone Holder
Fleur De Lis Set
Fleur de lis Oval Placemat
Fleur de lis Wine Holder Bag
Flip Flops To Wear
Flower Alphabet
Flower Windsock
Food Tent

Football Fever - 50% Off
Frog Boy Baby Bib
Frog Girl Baby Bib
Frog Boy Windsock
Frog Girl Windsock

Frying Pan Covers
Gardeners Aprons
Gingerbread Purses 
Girls Skirt Purse's with Undergarment
Golf Club Covers
Graduation Candy Bar Wrappers
Graduation Sleep Masks
Gymnastics Set
Halloween Designs ALL

Halloween Photo Word Book

Hand Mitt Potholders
Hand Puppets: Bear and Bunny
Hanger Cover
Happy Harvest Banner
Headies Zoo
Heart  2 sets
Heart Alphabet

Heart Zippered Purse w/Zip Coin Purse
Helicopters Toys
Hopscotch Bean Bag Toss Game
Horse Colorworks
Ice Cream Set 1
ID Holder - 5x7
ID Card Holders
I Love You Clock
Imperial Quilt Motif Designs in Colored
Imperial Quilt Motif Designs in One Color
Jewelry Holder
Jewelry Holder and the Hanger Cover
Jewelry Roll Up Holder
Jungle Animals Set
Key Chain Purse
Key Chain Shirts for Men
Key Chain Shirts Women
Kid/Animal Toy Pillows
Kid/Animal Toys Pillows 2
Kid's Tea Set
Kid Toy Pillows for Boys and Girls
Kid's Sun Hat
Kid's Tennis/Golf Visor
Kid Toddler Ball Cap
Kid Visors (3 sizes for Kid's and 1 for dolly)
Lion Baby Bib
Lion Purse Set
Love Blooms
Luggage Tags
Marty the Monkey Baby Bib
Men's Bi Fold Wallet
Men's Bi-Fold Wallet Two
Mini 1/4 Inch Block Alphabet
Monkey Baby Bib
Monkey Windsock
Mushroom Season Set
Neck Pillows
Needle Holder One with Pincushion
Needle Holder Two with Pincushion
Needle Holder Vest
New Year's Designs - 1 set
North Pole Photo Word Book

One Color Golden Lace Quilt designs
Outhouse Tissue/Toilet Holder Box
Oval Placemats ALL - 32 Sets
Oval Purse with Matching Coin Purse
Over the Hill Cake Panels
Pacifier Holders
Panda Windsock
Paper Plate Holder
Penguin With Sticks 4x4
Penguin With Sticks 5x7 and 6x10
Pen Roll Ups
Pencil Cases (Zippered)
Photo Album 4x4 and 5x7 Small
Photo Albums Larger Size
Photo Mobile
Photo Word Books ALL - NEW
Pillow Cover

Ping Ping Panda Appliqué
Plastic Bag Holder
Plate Charger and Napkin Holder
Pool Clock Plus Pool Set
Prim Angel
Prim Angel Set 2
Prim Babies
Prim Baking Set
Prim Cats
Prim Cats/Dogs
Prim Fall Set
Princess Designs
Purse with Flap
Purse w/Flap and Pockets
Purses All - 6 Sets
Princess Hair Accessories Holder
Princess Purses
Princess Wall Holder
Purse Organizer
Purse Organizer Rounded Edges
Quilt Heart Blocks Set 1, 2 and 3
Quilt Heart Set
Quilt Piecing In the Hoops 1-7
Quilt Piecing ITH Tissue Holder
Quilt Redwork Blocks
Quilt Square Set
Raven Pumpkins
Road Play Mat
Road Play Mat Two
Road Mat Three (Finishes this set of mats)
Round Coasters with Alphabets
Seat Belt Covers
Scissor Holders (all 3 sizes)
Serviette Bowl 2
Serviette Bowl 3
Serviette Bowl 4
Serviette Bowl 5
Serviette Bowl 6
Serviette Bowls All - 44 Sets
Serviette Bowl Blank 4
Serviette Bowl Blank 3
Sewing Apron
Sewing Kit Set

Sewing Tote
Shoulder Straps for Water Bottles
Sleep MasksSleep Masks Graduation
Sleep Masks Mother's Day
Sleep Masks Rounded for Teenage Girls
Sleep Masks Set 5
Sleep Masks Set 6
Sleep Masks Wedding Day
Soap Saver Bags
Soda Holder 5x7 Larger
Spring Card Holder

Spring Designs Set 1
Spring Designs Set 2
Sports Ball Toy Pillows
St. Patty's Designs All
Steering Wheel Toy
Sucker Cards for Graduation and 4th of July
Summer Photo Word Book
Sunflower Placemat
Sunflower Windsock
Sweet Farm Blocks
Sweetener/Drink Holder
Sweet Sixteen Cake Panels
Sweet Sweet Christmas
Table Runners ALL - 32 Sets
Target Bean Bag Toss Game
Tea Pot Covers 5x7, 5x7 Two and 6x10
Tea Pot Fringe Coasters!
Tea To Go Cozies
Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag Toss Game
Tic Tac Toe Games
- 14 Sets
Tic Tac Toe Games Misc
Tissue Box with Photo Holders

Tissue Holders Mini 4x4 Hoop

Thanksgiving Designs ALL 
The Color Red

Tie My Own Shoes
Tissue Box Covers
Tissue Cover Large 5x7 Hoop

Tissue Box With Side Boxes
Tissue Holder Zippered
Toddler Hats
Toddler Sun Hat
Toilet Paper Cover
Tooth Fairy Pillow and Drawstring Bag

Tooth Brush/ Tooth Paste Roll-Up Holder 6x10 Size

Toothpaste and Toothbrush Holder
Tote Bag 5x7 and 6x10
Tote Bags with Satin Stitch Tops
Towel Topper Blank
Towel Toppers And Designs - 43 Sets
Toy Airplanes
Toy Airplanes TWO
Toy Helicopter
Travel Games and Zippered Pouches (Multi Use)
Travel Game and Zippered Pouches Wider (Multi Use)
Travel Holders
Turkey Body with Feathers (3D)
Tri Fold Checkbook Holder
Valentine Sets All

Valentine Borders - 50% Off
Valentine Love Birds Set 1 - 50% Off
Valentine Love Birds Set 2 - 50% Off

Vanity Holders in 5x7 and 6x10
Versatile Bag in 5x7 and 6x10
Versatile Wall Holder
Waist Bags 5x7 or 6x10
Water Bottle Holder
Water Bottle Holder Smaller
Wine Bag 7x11 3/4 Size
Wine Bottle Holder
Wine Drawstring Gift Bags
Wine Round Cozies
Wine Square Cozies

Winter Snow Set
Women Silhouette Set 
Women's Sun Visors
Women's Tennis Visor
Your Child's Hand in Outline Appliqué 
Zippered Cosmetic Bags

Zippered Heart Purse w/Zip Coin Purse
Zippered Purses
Zippered Tissue Holder

All NEW Sets are on Sale for a Limited Time, I got such a great response to my opening special that I have decided to offer two free sets with every order.  The sets will change periodically.
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All Orders will be sent via Email within 48 hours, usually much sooner.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

Have an idea for an new In-The-Hoop Project, email me at, If I can make if, you get it for FREE! (Must be an original design!)


All NEW Sets are 50% OFF, I got such a great response to my opening special that I have decided to offer two free sets with every order.  The sets will change periodically.
Click Here for More Info...

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COMING SOON - In The Hoop Shoe Holder  

COMING SOON - Serviette Bowls - 6x10  

COMING SOON - More Card Holders

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